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DR C Consultant Services

Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, also known as DR C for those receiving her consultant services, has taught for over 45 years, and her experience is broad.

You may benefit from DR C's consultant services if you are a newly hired college English professor or a professor who has questions about how to handle certain situations with students, fellow teachers, or administrators.

Because of these challenging times, even more has been expected of you—online teaching. DR C has been teaching online for well over ten years. And it is in this area that she can share her expertise for anyone who may want some tips. 

This is the perfect opportunity for you to contact DR C. What better time than now to make arrangements to experience the professional care of DR C!


I have worn different professional hats for some years. I have been a college English Literature and Composition professor for over forty years. And I have been loving every minute of my working with a wide range of students!


I am an owner of two publishing companies, one is a college textbook publishing company, and the other is a self-publishing company. I have marketed and edited publications. Finally, I am an author.


I have been mentoring college students and instructors for years. So, now, I am combining all of my experiences as a language skills consultant.


Instead of being in a classroom or group environment, you will work with DR C on a one-on-one basis to address your concerns. To find out more about my professional and personal background, visit the About Dr C page.

The Quick Answers 


For the quick answers with a clear explanation, you only need to email DR C at the following: Upon receiving payment, within 24 hours, you will receive your answer and explanation. Go HERE to make your payment. 


If you want more detailed services from DR C, then you and DR C can settle upon your needs and the payment/payment plan. You will receive detailed consultancy services.


So, welcome to the personalized services of DR C Consultant Services!

What Services Will I Provide? 
About DR C

I Help Students Write Competitive College Admissions Essays 


After more than 40 years of teaching freshman and sophomore college composition courses, I can help high school students with their college admissions essays. I know what colleges expect. So, I will do the following:

  • review the essay;

  • revise the essay; 

  • make thorough recommendations.

Still, I will respect the voice of the writer. Most importantly, it will be the writer's essay and not mine. Read 

what one recent client had to say about my assistance: 

"We are very much pleased and happy with the professional services that we received from Ms. Scott. We came to know her from one of the workshops that she and others organized in our city a few years back. At that time, we were very much attracted with her style of presentation and decided to reach out to her when our son was going to prepare college essays for admission.

We reached out to her this year and she welcomed us. She checked, edited, reworded/restructured and corrected the grammar of all the essays of our son for his college admission. After her edits, his essays were greatly top class. 

She made sure that she received the draft versions of the essays from us. If we forgot to send (them), then she would send us reminders so that she could work on them and return (them).  She did her edits quickly. She replies to emails on time. She always is engaged with the student. If needed, she would edit the essays with pen, scan those and email us the file. She always went above and beyond to do her best. We were extremely happy with her work and we will definitely recommend anyone who needs help with English writing to get her friendly service. "

— Anindita Basu

If parents want support in grammatical, punctuation, and effective writing techniques as they try to navigate through the rigors of college expectations, I can provide that support. 


If you are an educator, let parents know that I have the qualifications and experience to help their children write effective college admissions essays. Costs will be discussed to fit the students' needs for each essay.


Consultation For Online Educators 

Y our first month will be FREE! You will have five hours of free time to ask for advice, suggestions, and critique of the methods you have implemented.

If satisfied with the services of DR C, then, you can begin to pay a minimal amount for

the following:

  • A copy of the e-book: Bare Essentials Bits or Bare Essentials, 19th ed.

  • Photo images that can be prompts for different writing exercises

  • Poetry readings that can be prompts for different writing exercises and discussions 

  • Podcasts focusing on specific grammatical items

  • Sample essays and research papers


Most importantly, FIRST, every session will address any specific need YOU share; there

will be no interruptions and no need ever to be embarrassed. As I have said to the many 

students and teachers I have nurtured: "The only time a question is stupid is when you

do not ask it."  Every session, you will have my total attention and concern to answer

every question you have ever had or wanted to ask. 

These items are available for your benefit and ownership for as long as you wish to use

these resources and other resources provided in connection with the first session and any

other resources provided in subsequent future sessions.

Yes, you may not teach an English or Social Studies course. However, you will probably have your students write. And the above resources can save you time explaining how to write a paper, especially if what you teach is not focusing on writing skills. 

How To Communicate With Me 

You can easily communicate with me using the method that works best for you:

  • E-mail

  • Podcast

  • FaceTime

  • Skype

  • Telephone

Affordable Consultancy Services

Flexibility is the main key to my consultant services. Every session is set

up for one (1) hour.


However, you can break this one hour into two 30-minute sessions or

four 15-minute sessions. 


The price per every session that equals an hour is reasonable and

focuses mainly on what you need.


Contact DR C for More Information 

Strong writing and speaking skills are needed in just about every college course. Students cannot afford failure or poor performance in a course because of weak English language skills.


I have the teaching experience, time, and patience to help you help your students. 

Find out how DR C Consultant Services can help you by calling DR C Consultant Services at 734-531-6684 or email at  


"Dr. Fairy was my Online English Composition Professor at Mott Community College (in Flint, MI) for my very first semester. When I had difficulties, Dr. Fairy was always there when I needed help. I had trouble understanding what it was I was learning at first until I opened communication with her and she walked me in detail through a lot of my difficulties.


"The information that I was being taught by Dr. Fairy had helped me tremendously in my other three classes when it came to my writing assignments. I highly recommend Dr. Fairy as an Academic Advisor, I feel Dr. Fairy has the knowledge, patience and experience to work with students who are looking to improve their writing skills. 


"Dr. Fairy has shown me nothing but kindness, patience and individual attention along with making me and my education feel validated and important. I feel communication with each other is a vital thing when it comes to a student and an Academic Advisor, especially when it is online." — SONIA SWOISH



"I was an online student in Professor Fairy's English 101 Composition class at Mott Community College. One of the things I appreciated the most about Dr. Fairy’s approach to the online class was that she considered it an online community.  The class did seem to have that feel. 


"In addition to the very detailed feedback I would get from Dr. Fairy, one of the other things that seemed to help my writing was when I would have to peer evaluate other students.When you become more in the practice of looking for errors, it is easier to spot those same errors in your own writing." — NATHAN AMOSS 


"When I moved here from Arizona I was extremely lacking in my writing skills. The curriculum where I came from had much lower standards. I was very behind. Dr. Fairy was patient with me and was willing to go through every error in my work. When I e-mailed her she always got back to me right away with great feedback. I quickly made drastic improvements in my writing." —JESSICA MILLER


"I have had opportunity to work as student in English 102 with Dr. (C) . . . From my side, as student who have [sic] English as a second language, . . .she . . .was very helpful with me. In my case especially, she always make a podcast for me to make sure that I understood everything that should be done. . . She was very kind with me and always send some e-mail to remind me that she is available to me if I need any help. 

"She is very familiar with online class teaching and embeds the standards in English 102 into lessons and assignments. Another impressive aspect with her is how she loves teaching, the way she find a word to motivate you, and her demeanor with students. She was able to present information on a wide variety of topics while projecting a great sense of humor and maintaining a positive online classroom environment."



"It is my honor to recommend Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott as your academical representative for any English class. (She) is highly trained and has a passion for teaching.


"I had the pleasure to take English 102 online with her, and I can tell that I improved tremendously during a short 8-week class. Dr. Fairy (DR C) was clear with her expectations and provided timely feedback. She showed me where I was wrong and explained to me how to correct my errors. Also, I was impressed with the multitude and quality of the resources offered for my class. 

"Nevertheless, (she) was very encouraging. I could feel her rooting for me to reach a higher understanding of the English Standard Dialect. English is not my first language, yet (she) made me believe that I could succeed in her class and beyond.

"Dr. (C) has made a great impact on my academic journey, and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who desires to grow in the knowledge of the English language." — ELENA RUMBLE


Professor Fairy is not only a fine Instructor but a very good person. She was always there as an Instructor but now she is also there when I am not her student. She has helped me in other things. — Dawn Marsden



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