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Services for College-Bound Students

Are you the parent of a high school senior who’s preparing for college? Or are you a parent preparing for college?  If so, is the college entrance written essay on your list of concerns? Maybe I can help.


As a parent of college-educated children, I can understand parents’ concerns about their children’s success in college. However, I always believed my children would not develop independence at college if I or my hubby were hovering over them. Yes, our children could call and share with us their apprehensions and concerns, but my hubby and I did our best to let our son and daughter discover the answers and use the resources the college offered—mainly the professors.  


However, some of you are parents who want to become college freshmen. And if you are in your 20s, 30s, or over 40, you may have some apprehension as a non-traditional student. The service that I am offering will meet the concerns and provide support for college freshmen of all ages.


My focus is on writing, not every other aspect of the college experience. So, the following is what I will offer before and during the college experience:


1) A thorough assessment of the college-entrance written essay/s (no more than three);


2) A thorough explanation of the grammatical and mechanics challenges, if needed via podcast.


Then, once the student has been admitted to the college of choice and begins, I am committed to providing the writing support needed as a first-semester freshman. 

So, if wanted, I will offer the following the first semester of the student's freshman year:


1) A thorough assessment of any five (5) essays assigned, excluding any papers for English Composition;


2) Five Question-and-Answer sessions to discuss each written essay DR C has assessed—one hour limit per session.


If you are interested in either or both of these services for your high school senior, contact Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott at: or



If you are a non-traditional individual who wants to begin college, you as well are welcomed to take advantage of the services of DR C. Then, the cost of these services DR C and you, the parent/s or the non-traditional student, can determine when a telephone conference can be scheduled. It is during this conference that the cost of these services will be clearly shared.


If you have questions, feel free to send me an email: or

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