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Online Courses

Many have expressed liking the flexibility of online classes, but wanting even lower and more flexible costs for two hours and for three hours.


So, I have heard you and here is what I am offering:


ONE DOLLAR A MINUTE (a minimum of 15 minutes and continued increments of 15 minutes)  


I am offering customized one-on-one online classes that fit your schedule and your pocketbook.


Besides these classes being individualized, they are quite flexible regarding the time offered. For example, you decide you want to register for a two-hour or three-hour class. 


This does not mean you have to be engaged for a straight two hours or three hours. You and I can meet for 20 minutes on one day for a specific subject and meet on another day for another. This can be done until your two or three-hour time slot is used.

You can choose the ONE DOLLAR A MINUTE (minimum 15-minute intervals)


You and I will set up a mutually-agreed upon time.



The following are cost options that you can take advantage of:


• $15 (non-refundable) for a fifteen-minute or less phone consultation; if you choose to register, this         amount will be applied to the cost of the class you choose;  


• $110 for two hours;


• $160 for three hours


No consultation fee, just $1 per minute (for a minimum of 15 minutes)


 Do you know of someone who would like to join you in a class? You may have no more than two (2) additional persons at the same cost.


About DR C


I have been working with individuals for over 40 years. I have:


• Written books, some addressing grammatical, punctuation, and sentence structure issues. 


• Worked with ESL and non-ESL individuals


• Worked with Deaf college students


• Worked with a wide range of ages from 16 to 60+. 


I have shared my expertise with a wide range of cultural and ethnic groups. No one who takes advantage of this expertise will be disappointed. 


I am experienced, economical, efficient, and have an effervescent love for working with individuals who want to learn. 


If you think or know you need help with your English language/writing skills, register! 


If you are a parent of a high school student or a college student, you may find it valuable to have these customized classes scheduled now before the Fall semester begins.


If you are a college student, any time may be the right time to prepare for those upcoming courses that require intense writing assignments. You won't regret your choice to do so nor will any other colleague, friend, or college student with whom you share this information.


Sample Podcasts


Listen to the sample below of a personal, customized podcast that I developed for a particular student's needs regarding the writing of a comparison/contrast paper and a different work focusing on the messages ascertained from a book entitled All About Jane.


Sample customized podcast 

Or you may only need help with some common spelling errors. Listen to the sample below of this kind of podcast which focuses on that one error:

Sample podcast on spelling error

Perhaps, you only need a little help on a particular item, you can see that I can address the issue thoroughly and in a timely manner. Whatever you need help with, I can assist.


Some of you may prefer a different communication medium other than podcasts. I will meet those preferences via Skype or cell.


If you want to learn in a non-stressed manner, I am ready to serve you as your personal professor as economical as ONE DOLLAR A MINUTE.


For more Information, contact me: or 734-531-6684

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