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Bare Essential Bits Podcasts

 Using the correct grammar when writing can be challenging. As a way of helping others, I recorded 5- 

 minute audio messages that address a grammatical issue or a spelling challenge that commonly stumps writers. So, in 2017, I recorded Bare Essentials Bits: All You Wanted to Ask About a Grammatical/Writing 

 Tidbit but Were Too Embarrassed To Ask! I was pleased to receive a strong response from listeners.


 Reintroducing Bare Essentials Bits

 Because of the difficulties people are still having with grammar, I decided to rerun the audio series! In

 Bare Essential Bits: All You Wanted to Ask About a Grammatical/Writing Tidbit but Were Too Embarrassed   To Ask! I discuss a variety of topics, from punctuation marks to commas to knowing when to use "they're,"

 "their" or "there."


 I hope that you enjoy the series. 

 Audio Series


 Listen to the first podcast on the difference between "affect" vs. "effect" and how they are used. 



 2. When do you use "come" vs. "came"? "did" vs. "done"?  run" vs. "ran"? saw" vs. "seen"?



 3. When do you use "there," "they're," and "their"? 




 4. How do you use the apostrophe mark when a noun ends in "s"? 



 5. How do you use the apostrophe mark with contractions? 

 6. This podcast further focuses on the apostrophe mark with contractions! 



 7. Did you know that there are "rules" when it comes to commas? 



 8. This podcast focuses on five sets of vocabulary spelling challenges, including woman vs. women;

 allot vs. alot vs a lot; thorough vs. through vs. thru. 

 9. A  prepositional phrase ends with a noun or pronoun, but how do you know which one to use?

 For instance, is it, "Just between you and me" or "Just between you and I"? 


 10. This podcast focuses on when to put an "s" at the end of a verb.


 11. So what is a reflexive pronoun and when do you use it? 


 12. Did you know that sometimes we have problems using the pronoun, you


 13. In this podcast, we answer the question, "What is a subjunctive mood"? 


 14. When do you use a semicolon, a colon, or an ellipsis mark?



 15. This podcast focuses on the dash, hyphen, brackets, parentheses, and ellipsis, and how to use them. 


 16. So what are pronoun antecedent errors?


 17 This last podcast takes a look at some of the most common verb errors. 




 Do you have questions about grammar? 

 If you have questions about grammar or punctuation, I would be happy to help you. DR C Consultant 

 Services for business professionals, students, writers, and others who want help with improving their

 writing skills. To learn more, call 734-531-6684 or email me at


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