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Professor in Print #3: Helping Students Help Others

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Is there a way I can get my students involved in helping others during this pandemic?

Yes, I was able to do this through the "Continuous Short Story" on the MarketingNewAuthor's (MANA) Sunriser blog. A photo served as a writing prompt. The students were to build on the posts of five sentences or more. MANA will donate $10 up to $500 to the designated charity. This year the charity is Forgotten Harvest.

No money is expected from those who post. MANA only wants posts; MANA donates the money. What better way to get students engaged in the virtual classroom? And more importantly, they will know they are implementing their creativity and writing skills to help others less fortunate than they during this pandemic. And giving extra credit per post up to six (6) really motivates students.

The results?

My students implement their creativity as they contribute to develop the "continuous" short story. They find it interesting seeing how the story develops. Furthermore, their posts demonstrate their talent and gain classmates' appreciation.  


The fact that my students' posts are part of something larger than a group project means much to them. They see that their contributing posts have helped develop the story. And the fact that this continuous story is on the blog of an international publishing blog adds more credibility and authenticity to their work. This instills pride in the students. This is most important; students must know that what they write may touch more than just a small group but an international audience.

Sunrises and Sunsets,

Dr. Fairy

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